Today I will tell you a big truth about Desi aunties. May you noticed about this fact or not. But I’ve noticed since we launched Aunties from Pakistan, and Indian aunties or Bangladesh aunty likes others color. And colorful dresses are favorite dresses of desi aunties. I am true or not? Ok check by your self browse some photos of aunties arround the website or from Google.

You will get 80% aunties who have involved colours color with sarees and shalwar kameez. Indian aunties wear sarees while Pakistani aunties always wear Shalwar Kameez. And yes Bengali aunty also wear Saree. Who is most hot? check below some hot aunties pics and lets us know pink colors is good for aunties to make them more ? Your life partner (wife, aunty, girlfriend) wearing color? OR will you suggest her on dating to wear color to be more dashing and hot.