Desi Indian women have been wearing the saree for centuries and it seems as worthy as it looks seductive. This is because most of those who carry it almost daily and have, therefore, mastering the art of wearing saree is important because saree can make you look very elegant. So read the information below to learn how to wear a saree by hot desi aunty who is telling you steps and look at her pic how she looks so hot.

Step One -

The length of the petticoat to be worn underneath the saree should be from the waist down to your ankle. It should have a drawstring so that it can be fastened around the waist. The blouse that you will wear with the saree should be close-fitted and its length should end just below the bust. It can be with or without sleeves. There are various types of blouse necklines you can choose from prior getting it stitched.

Step Two-

After wearing the petticoat and blouse, take one end of the saree and neatly tuck into the petticoat around the waist from right to left. Make sure that the lower end of the saree is touching the floor slightly. Resume from the place where the saree tucking has just ended and now start making pleats in the saree from there. About five to six pleats in the saree , each of them with a width of five inches should be enough.

Step Three -

Make sure that the pleats you have made is neat and of equal length. Hold them all together so that they fall straight and even. Then tuck the pleats into the petticoat slightly left to the navel. Also make sure that the pleats are turned in the left direction. Pleating the saree is the most difficult aspect for those learning how to drape the saree. But once you master the method of saree wearing, you will hardly require more than few minutes to make pleats.

Step Four -

The portion of the saree left after the pleating is called the Pallav. Now gather the pallav and place it over the left shoulder. The upper border of the saree should slant across the bust from under the right arm to over the left shoulder. The pallav should be about 90 cms in length and should touch your finger-tips as it falls evenly behind you. You can prevent it from slipping off by fixing it at the shoulder to the blouse with a small safety pin.